The Culture Trip

March 22, 2017

Representing the best pizza in Tennessee!

Style BluePrint

November 23, 2016

Pizza Please

Style Blueprint

November 23, 2015

Nashville’s Best Happy Hours

Nashville Scene

November 23, 2015

A whirlwind tour of this year’s Best of Nashville festivities

Nashville Eater

November 23, 2015

7 Essential Nashville Stops for Late Night Bites


November 23, 2015

50 Things to Eat in Nashville Before You Die

Pizza Today

August 04, 2015

Places that Rock: Five Points Pizza / Mozzeria / Pizzeria Verita

Nashville Lifestyles

April 20, 2015

Best Restaurants 2015: Readers’ Poll Results You voted, we listened. Here are the results of your favorite places in town!

Nashville Lifestyles

April 20, 2015

Reader’s Favorite Pizza: Your top 15 picks for pizza pies in the Nashville area.

Nashville Lifestyles

April 20, 2015

A revitalization in the early 2000s graced this East Nashville neighborhood into more than hipster headquarters.

Nashville Lifestyle

April 20, 2015

Aptly named for its location in the 5 Points area of East Nashville, Five Points Pizza is a great late […]

The Washington Post

April 07, 2015

Neighborhoods: East Nashville is the hippest part of town

The Tennessean

April 03, 2015

Don’t even START with me about how great New York pizza is. Don’t. Even. Start. I know, I know, Five […]

Native Magazine

March 04, 2015

A slice of local culture. With the founding of Five Points Pizza, the location took the lead…


February 02, 2015

Sometimes you just need a perfectly greasy slice served up on a paper plate. The walk-up slice window at Five […]

Nashville Lifestyles

January 05, 2015

Whether you’re trying to unwind after an eventful evening or just getting […]

The East Nashvillian

November 11, 2014

Today, we know East Nashville’s Five Points Pizza as a perma-busy 5 Points food stop […]

The Tennessean

October 31, 2014

What’s red and round and dotted with festive green? […]

The Tennessean

October 28, 2014

Nothing could be sweeter than knowing the Five Points Pizza pick-up window […]

Style Blueprint

October 18, 2014

For three years, Five Points Pizza has been tossing dough and serving hot pizza […]

The Tennessean

October 15, 2014

It’s all about dough for David Tieman — pizza dough, that is. […]

The Pizza Snob

July 31, 2014


The Tennesseean

April 09, 2014

Five Points Pizza adding to-go window and bar […]

Nashville Scene

March 14, 2014

Five Points Pizza to Expand, Open Late-Night Slice Window […]

Native Nashville

August 08, 2012

A Slice of Local Culture […]

East Nashville

September 11, 2011

East Nashville’s Five Points Pizza offers transplanted New Yorkers a slice of home […]

Nashville Scene

September 06, 2011

Five Points Pizza Opens, Spinning New York-Style ‘Za by the Slice […]